So this is another one of “them”

The ships that Rick Riordan did NOT create.

I feel like a Leyna mood today, so that is why I am doing them.  Anyways, Leyna is not actually too popular anymore.  Leo found another girl, Calypso.  But, it used to be the “thing” for a while, so I doing them 😉

Leyna=Leo/Repair Boy+ Reyna

I actually not to sure on how this one started [on the internet] either.  Sorry.  But here are my guesses.

  1. In the beginning of the Heroes of Olympus series, Leo and Reyna were both single.  Guess no character can stay single for long, huh?
  2. A random person just really liked the idea of Leo and Reyna being together
  3. Life is Leyna

Like Tratie, there are many different “theories” or “stories” on how Leyna started.  Most likely of them all, they began when both Leo and Reyna realized that they were single, and started feeling feeling towards each other.

Fanfictions of Leyna!!  *WARNING! These probably aren’t the best fanfictions of Leyna out there.  These are just some I could find that actually seemed okay.  [I normally don’t read Leyna.  I read Percabeth.]  If you wish to read more about Leyna, visit www.fanfiction.net .





bar gif


p.S If you wish to read some fanfictions of mine, [the ones I wrote.] Please click the link below!  Thanks 🙂


if that does not work, click the one below this



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