Waterfall-almost done

You know the book Waterfall by Lauren Kate I was talking about starting yesterday?  Yeah.  Almost done.

OMG[for gosh.  don’t use God’s name in vain!]

There is a plot twist!!!  It turns out Ander in not actually a seadbearer.  He can love Eureka without turning old and feeble!!!


Anyways, this is a really good book. CHECK IT OUT. now.  seriously.


I’m going to be so sad when I finish it…

Here’s me [and my feelings]

Kinda wanna finish the book to see what happens

Kinda wanna forget the whole thing so I can read it again

even better!

Kinda want this book to never end.

Yes.  This is one of “those” books.  The one you can never decide between the three choices.

Alright.  I done with this post.  Have to do my evil homework now!!!



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