About Me

Hey there fellow people of the internet!

Hi.  If you always read my blog and follow me, you may know me as Lottie.  If you are new, welcome, and my blogging name is Lottie.  If you have not guessed, my real name is actually not Lottie.  To be honest, far from it.

How I became Lottie

I have always enjoyed and liked the name “Charlotte.”  When I was creating my blog, I didn’t want to use my real name for security purposes.  Therefore, I decided to do “Charlotte.”  As I was about to type that in, I remembered a game I used to play called “Transformice.”  My username on there was “Lottie.” (I’m pretty sure. I haven’t played in a long time.)  I decided that Lottie was more original than “Charlotte” so I typed in Lottie.  And that was how Lottie the blogger was born.

About Me

I am a fairly young blogger.  I am a age of 11-15, and I will let you know when I surpass that range.  I live in a typical family of four.  I have a mom and a dad, and an older brother.  When I was in third grade, and I got adorable puppy named Leo.  He is a Maltese and Poodle mix.

How I started to love reading

When I entered Kindergarten, my teacher always encouraged reading amongst my small class.  We had “tryouts” for different levels of practice books, and I ended up on a high one.  It turned out I was one of the top readers in my class.  Although, there was one girl.  She will be called anonymous.  Anonymous was the top reader in my class, and I was inspired to beat her at reading.  At that time, my older brother had a pretty extensive book collection,  and I started to pick out books that intrested me.  Also, my mom encouraged my new-found love of reading, and bought me some more books.  If I remember clearly, my first book series that I loved reading was Junie B. Jones and Magic School Bus.  As I grew older, I would read more and more, therefore fueling my love of reading.  To this day, I will always find at least half-an hour to sit down quietly with a book, and read away.

How Fandom Forever was born

A couple months ago, (this is a fairly new blog,) I was actually extremely bored.  I was searching the web, and saw a couple of blogs that were in my subscription box.  Their blogs really inspired me to create my own.  I actually had a couple of blogs before, but they were I topics I wasn’t actually interested in, and all of them were abandoned.  This time, i thought, I’m going to create I blog that I am actually interested in.  I sat down and thought for a while, and an idea sprang to me.  Reading!  That was something I was genuinely interested in, and was extremely good at.  The next hurdle I had to jump was the blog name.  I was part of many fandoms, and eventually the name ‘fandomforever’ came to me.  I typed it in, and fandomforever.wordpress.com was born.

Fandoms I am part of…

  1. Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
  2. Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
  3. Shadowhunters
  4. Matched triology
  5. Harry Potter
  6. Hunger Games
  7. Warriors
  8. Divergent
  9. Artemis Fowl

I have a lot of fandoms. lol.  #ilovemyfandoms

Contact Me?

I have a couple of places where you can contact me.

Blog Comment Section

If you want to talk to me real quick, you can comment down below in the comments.  There is a high chance I will respond.


My username is _fandom.forever_  I post edits and stuff like that.  Make sure to comment on one of my pictures or you can send me a picture by a direct message or with the hashtag #fandomforeverblog


This is the most private way you can contact me.  I try to check my email daily, so send your message to fandomforever33@gmail.com

Well, I hope you learned something interesting about me today.  Hugs and Kisses!

Lottie  xx


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