Quick Update+Changes!

Hey guys!  Its been too long.

First of all, my name isn’t Lottie.


Its Jacqueline and that will be my blogging name that I will use.

I’ve decided to turn this blog into a slightly different direction and make more book reviews.  I have recently moved to a different state so life’s been a little hectic, but I’ve recently found a library and book store near where I live so… yeah.

I’ve also read quite a bit of ebooks during my time without any computers, and quite a few of them have been very good.  Because a hundred paged ebooks do tend to get overpriced, I have *cough “compiled” a list of books I wish to get from the library/bookstore.

yeah this is only the first page
yeah this is only the first page

So, expect a ton of book reviews to come your way!

To all of you that are still reading, (kudos to you by the way,)

I have created a second blog! It is statesofoblivion.wordpress.com

This second blog will focus primarily on a more personal aspect of my life as well as many other things that don’t fall under the category of “books,” “reading” and “fandoms.”

Check it out please? It’s pretty quiet over there.

So, I have recently begun writing fan fiction again on my account on fan fiction.net

My profile link:  https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4428269/

My story link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11443943/1/You-Never-Saw

My story summary (might change a bit): Percy Jackson is an international superstar, known for his dashingly good looks and his to-die-for voice. After a horrible incident one night, he decidedly ends it all with a one way trip to hell. Suicide, such a simple word, but so painful to all those that were close to him at the same time. Mortal AU, trigger warning

Check it out please? It is my most popular story.

I’m also deciding on whether to make a Youtube channel for posting video reviews, aka “book tubing”

If I do, the username will probably be StatesofOblivion or something of that sort.  Most of my site usernames are now StatesofOblivion because

a.) its my personal blog domain ( statesofoblivion.wordpress.com)

b.) come on it sounds cool.

Thoughts anyone?

Well, thanks for reading guys.  I missed posting onto here.



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