Book Review: Hellhole by Gina DaMico


Review: In all honesty, this book was one of the best Young Adult singular novels I have ever read. All aspects of this story flowed and harmonized with each other, and I found all the characters to be very real and relatable.  The amount of cliche and fake moments are surprisingly low, and I praise Gina DaMico for really outdoing herself by doing an incredibly amazing job tying humor, emotion, and drama into one great, must-read story.

Max Kilgore, the main character/protagonist in this story is a funny, nerdy, sweet guy that attends high-school with a hard backstory and a difficult life.  His mother is bedridden, he is a classic example of a third wheel, and his social life is of course nonexistent.

The romance between Max and Lory is relaxed and filled with sarcastic humor and bouts of adorable scenes intertwined into the story.  I enjoyed how the author didn’t let talks of “how cute (blank) is” or “how (blank) makes me feel fill up entire pages and conversations.  Instead, it took to the sidelines and I felt that I enjoyed reading it comfortably and at the same time focus mainly on the plotline without getting to distracted.

I especially enjoyed the scenes in which Max connects with his friends and family members on a more personal, heartfelt level.  He is a light-hearted guy that doesn’t like to get to emotional with people, but at certain times he can have a minor nervous breakdowns and panic attacks.  With the way the author describes him and his situation, you always end up feeling for him.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with this story.  The cover is absolutely amazing and the title is enticing.  If you can get your hands onto this story, do it immediately because you will not regret your decision.

Rating: five puppy faces.  Will be reading more of her stories.




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