My All Time Favs: Book Series

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In that video, I was talking about the topic of My All Time Favorite Book Series.

These are my must reads, and if you haven’t read these books- what are you doing with your life?!

4- Maximum Ride


To be honest, I have only read Maximum Ride over the summer, and was sort of “meh” with it at first.  But when I progressed into the series, I grew more and more interested in Max’s and the gang’s adventures and slowly fell in love with this series, James Patterson, and of course, Fax.

Maximum Ride was a hard series to get into (for me) but I definitely don’t regret sucking it up for the first couple of chapters.

One thing that irked me about this series is just how LONG it is.  It just carries on and on and on, and I felt it was dropping reader’s left and right.  Maybe James Patterson could have split it up into two series?  The first three books, Maximum Ride: The Angel ExperimentMaximum Ride: School’s Out Forever, and Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports could have been one series (defeating the school) and the rest could have been a separate series (saving the world and getting rid of humans)

If you haven’t read this series yet, I recommend picking it up and giving the first book a try.

3- Ender’s Game


This series was popular a couple of years ago when the movie was released, featuring Asa Butterfield.

Since then, the hype has quieted down quite a bit but I have never stopped loving this series, especially the first book.

The different views and perspectives of each generation of earthlings really intrigued me to no end, because we can also see that in our modern day world.  A couple of generations ago, slavery was a common thing no one really spoke out about it until President Lincoln’s time, and now, it is viewed as cruel and evil by most and we are ashamed to have let such horrid things happen.

The movie for this is also great, so if you don’t feel like reading the books, at least give a watch to the movie.

2- Artemis Fowl


This series is probably the most underrated book series I know.   I absolutely adore Artemis, even though at first Eoin Colfer portrays him as an “evil” character.  His character development is really noticeable throughout the series, and his ending act of heroism (so different from 12 year old Artemis) nearly moved me to tears.

The whole world of elves, fairies, and evil criminal masterminds entranced me to no end and I continue to pick up this book whenever I find myself without anything else to read.

1- Percy Jackson and the Olympians


If there is one fact someone needs to know about me, is that Percy Jackson dominates, and will always dominate over any other book series forever in my life.  This is my opinion, and I know for a fact that many people will disagree with me.  However, I respect everyone’s opinion and I hope everyone will respect mine.

Percy Jackson is also my favorite male character, and his bouts of “persassy” bring me tears of joy and laughter.

He does start to become more dark ask the series progress, and unfortunately, the persassy moments do start to be more and more uncommon.

Along with the all about genius of Rick Riordan’s series, the fandom for PJO is absolutely goals.  The fanwriters are amazing, the fanart is absolutely breathtaking, and the amount of support and happiness this community provides makes me so thankful for Percy and his friends.

I do realize this series is a bit childish, and I have been reading it since I was eight, but Percy Jackson will never, ever leave my heart as my most loved book series.

Kudos to anyone who read all of this post.

Fanfiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4428269/

Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/statesofoblivion

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCueVfRNu6ejZ6E7RGBqHe-A

Have a great day everyone!



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