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After you have just finished your absolute FAVORITE book series, you kind of… well don’t know what to do with your life anymore.  Trust me, that scenario has happened to me multiple of times.  To help all of my fellow readers out, I decided to create a section of my blog to help you find interesting book series and guide you on your way to a new reading adventure.

Lottie’s Guide to Finding Your New Book

On this page, I will show everyone my favorite pointers on finding your favorite new book series or just a singular book.

Lottie’s Book Reviews+

On this page, I will review some of the most popular books I have read, and even some of the not-so-popular ones.  In the comments section below, I will also be taking review requests, though please be patient for I have to have a thorough read of the book first.

Lottie’s Book Recommendations *based on level+

On this page, I will share some book recommendations that I think my readers will enjoy.

Titles marked with the “+” sign have not yet been released.

I hope you will enjoy the addition to Fandom Forever!

Lottie xx






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