Find a New Book

Well, we all have had those days after we finish a breathtaking book series and just FRICKING DON’T KNOW WHAT TO READ.

So, then, your mom/dad/guardian starts yelling at you to stop moping around and… well, you get the idea.

We all hate those days, so Lottie is coming to the rescue!  Here are my tips and tricks + a small guide to find your way on a new adventure 😉


Tip #1 – Know what types of books you enjoy reading

What’s your favorite type of book? Often, finding a new book or series you enjoy depends on the type of book you favor.

For Example: My favorite types of books are fantasy and fiction.

I can read every genre, but to be honest reading autobiographys and books about frogs and the telephone bore me to death and I feel as if I want to kill myself. (jokingly of course.)  And most romance novels are WAY to cheesy for me (and sometimes EXTREMELY descriptive) I always end up skipping half the book because it contains parts I wouldn’t ah… enjoy reading.

Of course, if you chose a book that isn’t your favorite book to read, chances are you probably won’t enjoy it.


Even though I said you probably won’t enjoy a book that isn’t in your favorite genre, please don’t be afraid to try something new.  I personally know that I don’t like reading non-fiction books because of ALOT of self-experience.  But if you have never read an autobiography or a sci-fi, don’t be afraid to try it out.

You might even like it!


Tip #2 – Make sure the book is on your personal reading level

If you are in fifth grade and is reading a college textbook on the human body, chances are you won’t like it and won’t know what the heck is going on.  Much of a person’s enjoyment or my enjoyment of a book depends on it’s reading level.

I have to admit…

I often read books that are way below my reading level.  But, they are entertainment books.  I read them right before I go to sleep or need a quick rest for my brain.

I personally don’t enjoy reading genius books such as the Lord of the Rings right before I go to bed because chances are my brain is slowly going in to sleep mode and I will miss half of the chapter and be like


haha off topic… sort of?

Tip 2.5 – How to know if a book is on your reading level

Back in the day, my teachers taught me the “five finger rule”

Basically, flip to a random page in the book, and read through it.  Every time you hit a word or concept you don’t know or have to read through again, you count that as one finger.

So basically,

0 fingers = this book might be to easy for you.  To make sure, flip to a couple other pages and see if the same thing happens.  If you keep on getting zero fingers, try to find a more challenging book.

1-3 fingers = this book is perfect for you girl/boy. 🙂  Although to make sure, flip to a couple other pages and check again.

4-5 = ehh… a little challenging maybe? If you really want to make sure, once again flip to a couple other pages and if you keep on getting four to five fingers, aim for a less challenging book.  Of course, you may come back to the book later when your reading skills advance.


Start reading the book.  If your reaction is like

OMG I am getting EVERYTHING in this book!  This is sort of easy…

Chances are, the book is too easy for you.

Okay, okay, okay, I’m getting most of it.  Wait… need to reread this sentence again… oh, so that is what it means.  This book is cool!

Perfect! Keep on reading

Ugh… I’ve been stuck on the first sentence for like ten minutes!!! *cue crying and ripping out hair


Wait… why are they entering battle again?  I thought they chose to stay out of it!  Ughhh I don’t know what the heck is going on!

That book is to hard.  Come back to it later.


Tip #3 – Get a vague understanding of the book before you read it

To all of the people who are like

“Oh! The Lord of the Rings… that title seems intresting!  I’ll read it!”

A couple minutes later while reading the book

“Ugh… I hate fantasy books! Why in the world did I spend 3 weeks of saving my allowance for this?”

Precious, (joke on words here 😉 ) that’s what the summary is for.

For Example, if you hate fantasy books and see a cool title and buy/rent it before even glancing at the summary, most likely you probably won’t enjoy it.  If you feel the summary isn’t enough, try reading the first couple of chapters or you can google a book review of the book you would like to read.


Well, that’s it for now.  If anymore ideas pop into my head, I will definitely add it to the list.

Lottie xx


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