I’m questioning on how this one started…

here are my theories

  1. They basically hate each other in book life.  Why not pair ’em together for a fun and snazzy relationship?
  2. Hermes and Demeter???
  3. I have no idea.

I think it’s the first one.  Everyone likes it when enemies becomes something closer than friends, right?

bar gif

Tratie = Travis + Katie

Obviously, Tratie doesn’t have a long and fun relationship history like Percabeth because it isn’t technically in Rick Riordan’s books.  I included Tratie into my list of ships and OTP’S because it is all over the internet [by that I mean fanfictions]

There are many examples to how tratie started.  Some believe it was overtime, or by each others good looks/personality.  Or both of them, Travis and Katie woke up one morning and was like,

“Hey! Travis/Katie looks really nice today!”

So basically, the story of Travis and Katie are up to you 🙂 ❤

Here are some stories (fanfictions)  *WARNING!!!  These probably aren’t the best Tratie stories out there, but these are the ones I could find that seemed somewhat interesting.  If you really wish to have some good Tratie stories up your sleeve, visit and search up TRATIE.  🙂


Will you ship Tratie?


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