A Fish Out of Water

A Fish Out of Water

by: Critic456

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10595967/1/A-Fish-Out-Of-Water

All content is directly from his story.  I take NO credit whatsoever.


Percy Jackson is a tough kid from a tough background, no stranger to gang related activity, after all, his father is one of the city’s toughest gangsters. So when he is sent to one of New York’s best schools, he automatically knows he doesn’t fit in. However, he soon meets Annabeth Chase, the most popular girl in school, and discovers that she has a bit of a dark side. AU. Very OOC

Chapter 1

“Percy, are you paying attention?” Mr. D. asked, sounding frustrated.

Percy Jackson was no stranger to the Principle’s office.  Many times at Yancy

High School, he had been called there, to answer for acts of troublemaking the

school believed he had committed. Granted, they weren’t usually wrong, Percy

was far from the model student at Yancy. As a matter of fact, Yancy was a school

that severely lacked model students, having acquired a reputation as one of the

worst schools in New York in terms of behavior. This was largely in part to the

large gang activity in and around the area. Most of the older students were

involved in a gang of some sort, and most of the younger students aspired to be.

Percy Jackson, about to enter the 12th Grade, was one of those students. Like most

of the teenagers who lived on his estate, he had had little choice, but for Percy, he

had practically been told since birth that the gang would be his future. Why?

Well, it may have something to do with the little fact that his father ran the gang.

Yes, that’s right, Percy Jackson’s father, who was known but most by just his

nickname Poseidon, was in charge of one of the largest gangs in New York.

It was actually because of Poseidon that Percy found himself in the

Principle’s office on this Tuesday morning. He sat in a chair, opposite the desk

where Mr. D was sitting. He’d been in this situation hundreds of times; the

difference with this one was that he did not recognize the office, or the man in

front of him, because he had never met Mr. D before this morning. Mr. D was the

Principle of Goode High School, Percy’s new school. As Percy looked around, he

thought to himself how different this room was to the one he had frequently

visited at Yancy.

“Percy?!” he half yelled

“Mmm? Yeah- yeah, I’m listening” Percy replied. Having ADHD did mean he

found it hard to pay attention, but he also really didn’t care.

“Ok then, what did I just say?” Mr. D asked, a line teacher’s loved to throw at

Percy when they knew he wasn’t listening.

“Um, I’m here for my own benefit?” He answered

“Along those lines, yes. You are here because your father feels that you should

get the best possible education for your final year, so that you can better your life

in the future, his words, not mine.” Mr. D told him. Somehow, Percy highly

doubted that, his father had never taken an interest in his education before now.

In fact, his father had rarely taken an interest in him in general, leaving him to be

raised by his mother. While they both lived on the same estate, Percy’s mother

and father did not live together, and while his father had always been present in

his life, he had not been there for Percy, he had not been a dad to Percy.

“So anyway” Mr. D continued, “You will carry out your final year of high school

here at Goode. Now Goode is an excellent school with an excellent record of

excellent grades, blah blah blah. You get the point, excellent” Mr. D sounded

almost as uninterested as Percy was.

“We here at Goode are not used to having a student of your… background here


“You mean poor!” Percy snapped. He knew what Mr. D had meant by it. Goode

was a school full of New Yorks richest. Kids who lived in huge houses and drove

to school in Mercedes, whose parents all had memberships to golf clubs and

worked big city jobs. Percy knew the type of people he would be spending his

Senior year around. He really was annoyed at his father for sending him here.

“No, I mean the involvement in the gang Percy” Mr. D said calmly. “Yes we know

all about your friends and what you get up to. The only reason I let you into the

school is because your father and I were once very good friends, and honestly he

isn’t a person I want to get on the wrong side of” Well, Percy couldn’t blame him

for that. Poseidon was not the most understanding of people, and Percy had

often been witness to him at his angriest. As a young child, it had been Percy’s

biggest fear, to anger his father, and no matter how many times his mother

assured him that Poseidon did love him deep down, Percy was always doubtful.

“Now, as I was saying before you interrupted me” Mr. D said, glaring slightly at

Percy, “we aren’t used to having a student of your background at Goode, and

under any other circumstance, you would not have been allowed in, but your

father assured me that there would be no serious behavior incidents with you.

Now, I will ask you, will there be any serious behavior issues with you Percy?” He

added an edge to his voice that Percy recognized as intimidation, as if that would


“No.” Percy replied, deadpan.

“And why is that Percy?”

“Because my father assured you.” He said, a slight smirk on his face. Mr. D

narrowed his eyes, before speaking up.

“Honestly, Percy Jackson, you may be the most interesting student to walk

through my door in years. Everyone at this school is all the same, ‘Yes Mr. D’ ‘No

Mr. D’ ‘It wont happen again Mr. D’, it gets boring. You get the kids who are

scared that I’ll tell their parents and they’ll lose their car privileges, or you get

the kids who think their money makes them untouchable. You, on the other

hand, are neither; you are nothing like any student we have had for years.

However, as much as I may welcome a bit of change, I cannot risk you causing

any trouble” Percy was surprised, he assumed Mr. D would looks down on him,

but he almost sounded like he could relate to Percy. How did Mr. D know his

father again?

“Go off to class now, I believe your first lesson is-” He paused as he looked at

Percy’s new timetable “-Maths, with Mrs. Dodds.” He seemed to smirk a bit at

that “Good luck with her” He added.

Just before Percy walked out of the door, he turned to Mr. D one last time.

“Sir, if it was such a risk, why would you let me into the school?” Percy had been

wondering that since Mr. D had brought it up. Surely he wasn’t worth the risk?

“Well Percy, I looked at both sides. If I let you in, I may have a horde of angry rich

parents who don’t want you near their precious children, but on the other hand,

if I don’t let you in, I would be in your father’s bad books, and honestly, I’d rather

face the parents head.” He laughed slightly once he finished. What he had said

surprised Percy. He always knew that his father scared people, but he never

realized how much power his father truly had until now.

“It was just the fact that my father scares you?” He asked, inquisitively.

“Yes, well that and, honestly, I think that you may have potential,” He added. That

completely caught Percy off guard. No teacher had ever said anything of the sort

to him before. “But you didn’t hear that from me, now get to class”

Percy was still slightly too shocked to react instantly. He doubted Mr. D said that

to a lot of students.

“Get to class!” Mr. D was almost yelling by now. It was enough to snap Percy out

of his confused state. He left Mr. D’s office and slowly made his way to Maths.

As he walked down the corridors, Percy thought about his old school, his old

friends, his life back at home. At Yancy, he’d had fun, he’d had friends. Here, he

already felt like an outsider, and he hadn’t even met anyone yet. He walked past

a trophy cabinet full of whatever sporting achievements the school had won.

Yancy never had anything like this. The trophies would’ve probably been stolen

anyway. As he examined the trophies, he worked out that Goode had a very good

football team, with more than half the trophies belonging to them.

Percy pondered whether or not he should try out, but in a second erased that

thought. Sure, Percy loved football, he watched it whenever he could, which was

rare, and played whenever he could too, which was even rarer. He thought about

how his friends would mock him. Percy Jackson playing high school football. The

jokes would be relentless.

That was the kind of people Percy hung out with. To the outside world, they

were gang members, but to Percy, they were more like brothers, family. Some of

them really were family. He had a half brother, Tyson, and a cousin, Nico. Outside

of them, there was also Grover, Percy’s best friend. Grover was always weak. He

scared easily, and was one of the least violent people you’d ever meet. Grover

didn’t seem like a typical gang member, but he had been raised on the estate just

like Percy and all the other guys, and they all looked out for Grover. There wasn’t

the attitude of leave the weakest behind. That was what no one understood

about Percy and his friends. Outsiders branded them as cruel and hurtful and

violent, and there were definitely times when they were, but they weren’t all bad

all the time. They really were like family.

Percy finally arrived outside the correct room. Before he entered, he paused. He

could run right now. He could leave the school, go back to the estate. No doubt

Nico was skipping school, he usually did nowadays. But then, Percy thought

about his mother’s reaction, disappointment no doubt, and then his father’s,

anger. Then he remembered Mr. D’s words, “I think that you may have potential”.

Well it was time to find out if that was true or not. He pushed the door open and

walked into class.

Read the next chapter here





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