When the Owl Met Water- Chapter 4

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In the dark of night, the two boys were only lit by the fierce light of the stars above them.

In the distance the glowing city of Athens shimmered like a silvery beacon. Silver flags billowed

in the wind with a symbol on each one. One was of an owl, the second a blue helmet, and the

third of a crown with a blue gem in the middle. For Athena. For victory. For the king! Athens

raised their war cry through every city in Greece and Crete. When each city heard it, it sent a

sliver of fear down their spines. Argos had fought so many wars with Athens for many reasons,

but in the distant thunder Perseus could hear a new and bloody war cry. Athens and Argos, now

that Megara was knocked down, would once more fight.

Although this was true, here was the young prince. Galloping next to his best friend, to an

Athene-obsessed colony. As Charles rode in front of him, his horse’s golden hooves kicked up a

fine dust. Perseus coughed and laughed,

“Thank you Charles for your kind gift.” Charles turned to face his friend and beamed.

“My pleasure, sweet prince.” Perseus rolled his eyes. He inhaled and then dug his boots

into Cabe’s flanks. Cabe quivered and shot like a bullet towards the gleaming city, Charles

laughed and raced to catch up next to his friend. The horses raced to the city’s gates, as they

reached the entrance Perseus could see two Athenian knights standing outside the city gates. He

slowed Cabe to a collected trot. The knights raised two long spears pointed towards Charles and

Perseus. The prince inclined his head towards the two men. Perseus crooked his head to the left,

but it was enough for Charles to see.

“Good evening gentlemen, I bring good tidings for the princess and her fiancé.” The

knights had skeptical looks on their faces, but Charles had a swift hand and a fast horse. He

banged his sword’s hilt on both of their heads. The knights dropped instantly to the ground

unconscious. Perseus winced at the clang. “Must you be so forceful?” Charles shrugged,

“Do you want to enter the city or not?” He slipped off his horse and grabbed the keys off

of a guard’s belt. He unlocked the gates with a swift hand. “Come Perseus.” He mounted onto

the stallion once more and strode into the city. Perseus’s stomach filled with guilt as he stared

down at the guards. He hated to leave them like that, but Charles was waiting. He trotted after his


Charles was in fine form that night. His hair was brushed back in a curtain of curly hair

curled around his shoulders. His dark eyes glimmered with mischievousness and playfulness.

Throughout the boys’ childhood they had always been very competitive against each other, but

Perseus knew where to draw the line. Charles on the other hand, never knew. He went to the

extreme, in combat he would always lose his temper and not think of the things at stake, only

himself. His own inner desire carried him throughout his life, which was Charles’s fatal flaw. A

horrible one if Perseus knew of, but he had protected Charles from all of that. When he was away

in Athens for his studies, he worried Charles would provoke Ly a little too much.

As they arrived at the palace, they saw animals dressed in gold pulling carriages to the

grand doors of the palace. A red carriage pulled by two Bengal tigers, came across the mosaic

tiles. Two guards took hold of the tigers’ harness, a beautiful Indian girl stepped out. She was

accompanied by a handsome man with a turban wrapped around his head. Perseus halted Cabe

and Charles pulled up next to him. The boys wore regal suits, but the symbol of Argos was on

their horses’ saddles.

“We have to hide the horses, Charles.” Charles subtly agreed, the boys trotted over to a

small unlit area in the palace’s wide, cobblestoned-court yard. Perseus leapt down and tied Cabe

to a small crooked tree; Charles did the same with his own. Charles pulled out a dark, black mask

with small; black diamond’s curling up the side. Perseus smiled and pulled out his own, a green

one that was as dark as the sea. It had been handcrafted by his mother’s ladies. The

craftsmanship was beautiful and delicate paint streaks rolled across it like tear streaks. He

strapped it onto his head. “Well my friend, how do I appear?” Charles raised an eyebrow over his

own mask.

“Like a brainless fool.” Perseus punched his friend in the arm,

“Alright well if I’m brainless than your demonic.” Charles laughed.

“Of course, now come on!” The boys walked towards the glowing light of the palace.

They slunk through the doors without being seen, a man with a high collared shirt was

announcing every man and woman who entered through the door. Charles and Perseus avoided

him quickly; Perseus could see how beautiful the ball room of the Athens palace was.

The marble ceiling arched into a dome with a glass bulb at the top so that the great sky

was visible. The stars shimmered brightly through the glass, making tiny flecks of silver onto the

granite floor. Woman with dresses that pooled out to their breasts walked past the young prince,

one young one winked at him. Perseus smiled at her, bowing in her wake. Charles had

disappeared somewhere, but Perseus too amazed by the architecture, to wonder where. A few

musicians played in the corner, mostly men at harps. Perseus watched a men and woman twirl

across the smooth floor, under the crystal chandelier.

He watched the beauty and peacefulness of it all, just happen around him. And then it

happened. Like nothing Prince Perseus had ever felt before, a strong hand caught at his heart and

tugged it. It felt as if something grabbed ahold of him and would not let go. His eyes turned to

the marble staircase across the room. The man announcing the guests turned his attention to the

maiden flowing down the stairs on the arm of a handsome man.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the beautiful and wise Princess Annabeth of Athens,

and King Nico Danus of Crete!” A cheer went up through the crowds. Perseus watched in awe as

the beautiful, golden-haired maiden smiled at her guests. He didn’t notice he was moving until

he was steps away from her; he looked down at his feet. The princess laughed at a joke a young

bachelor had made. She put an adoring hand on King Danus’s shoulder, he smiled at her. Perseus

felt a bitter jealousy course through him like blood. He could feel his fists curling into his skin.

Annabeth stepped away from her fiancé and walked over to a man sagging in a throne

chair. She gave him a look of anger; her words didn’t need to be heard for him to know she was

angry. Her eyes gave him all she needed to say. She stepped away and moved with grace to the

dance floor, Perseus moved towards her. Annabeth looked up as he did, her grey eyes caught his.

He froze and for a second Perseus could not breathe. Her mouth opened as if to speak, but she

was swept away by a tall man. She smiled up at her dance partner, but turned back to Perseus.

Her eyes met his once more, and this time she gave a small smile. Perseus felt air rush back into

his lungs. She was gorgeous.

As the song ended she stepped over to him quietly, “Would you like to dance, my lady?”

Perseus asked, with a sudden anxiety that had never gotten to him before. Annabeth’s lips curled

into a breathtaking grin, her smile revealed two rows of sparkling white teeth. Her hair had slips

of it falling into her face, Perseus so desperately wanted to put them behind her ear.

“If you can keep up, my lord.” He laughed and grasped her hand; the music began to pick

up speed. The harp’s musician’s fingers played so fast across the strings, Annabeth smiled up at

her masked prince. Perseus could see every delicate long eyelash over her eyes as she did, she

laughed as he twirled her. Her silvery dress twirled around her feet like a puddle. Perseus and

Annabeth moved with great elegance across the dance floor, soon couples stopped to watch them

twist in spinning circles, Annabeth was breathless and sweat beaded her hairline.

“You dance well, princess.” She smiled up at him and for that moment it was only

Perseus and this…this angel that had fallen into his hands.

“May I ask, handsome stranger, whom you are beneath your mask?” Perseus wanted so

badly to reveal his face to her, but he could not. She would scream and call him a monster,

because perhaps that was what he was. His troops had killed many of the Megarians and many

Athenians. His eyes began to take in every detail of her, memorizing her so that she would stay

with him forever.

“I am many people, my dear.” She could sense it. She could sense his uneasiness towards

his identity. She could see into his soul, with those two beautiful grey eyes. They were

everything he had ever wanted; they lit the way to a better world with her. She reached up and

caressed his cheek,

“So who is the one standing before me?” Perseus leaned down to her ear, pushing a

golden lock away from it.

“I’m not sure myself, Princess Annabeth.” He whispered and then twirled her once more.

The song ended and he released her hand. He felt a bitter pain erupt inside of him, as he released

her, she seemed lost. Her eyes locked on him, it seemed they were reflecting the pain inside of

him. He wondered if it shown in his own eyes. As they released one another, the crowds had

formed a circle around the two of them to watch. King Nico stared at Perseus with a sly face; his

dark eyes watched Perseus with an interest that Perseus had seen in his opponents. The prince

backed into the crowds away from the disoriented Annabeth, who seemed to cry out to him with

her eyes. He could not bear to look at her heartbreaking eyes once more.

The young prince walked past the throne, a young man a few years older than Perseus

looked after him with hateful eyes. He had seen those features in the face of many Athenians, but

he knew that particular face. Tybil. King Aeron’s nephew, he was technically next in line for

throne. But Aeron had resentment towards his nephew; it could be seen quite plainly on his face.

Tybil knew the prince hid beneath the beautiful mask, he knew exactly who he was. Tybil and

Perseus had fought to the death more times than the prince could count. He knew his walk like

his own, and Perseus knew Tybil like a brother. The young prince sauntered towards Perseus; he

knew he had to get out of here. Tybil would reveal to all of Athens who he was. Ly would take

his sword to his throat, if that were to happen.

Perseus began to stride quickly throughout the room. He could not spot Charles

anywhere, his brother it seemed, was nowhere to be found. “Charles!” He tried to call, but it was

to no avail. “Gods damn it Charles!” He whispered to himself, he looked behind him. Tybil was

slowly meandering over to the prince with a determined look on his face. Perseus scrambled

around the ballroom, many women asking him to dance with them. Perseus could only push

them away as he ran.

Finally, in a quiet corner, Perseus found Charles kissing a pretty brunette. Perseus

grabbed his friend’s shoulder, “Come on Casanova, we’ve got trouble stirring.” Charles kissed

her once last time on the cheek, and she smiled dreamily at him.

“I will never forget you, my beautiful Rea!” He called to her as Perseus dragged him

away, “I promise I will return to you. Await for me, my love! My heart will cry out for no one,

but you!” Perseus ignored Charlie’s weak attempts of love cries, only dragging him faster away.

Once they reached the doors, they realized it had begun to rain. “Ah, my dear friend, I love

Athenian women! A man could get use to a life like this.

“Go fetch the horses; I have to get rid of the masks for the ride back to Argos.” Charles

nodded and ran into the night. The prince walked through the sopping rain to the edge of the

palace grounds. Footsteps followed after him, Perseus only realized when a gentle hand touched

his back. Annabeth had followed him out into the rain, and as her hair began to sag from the

great waters she remained beautiful. Perseus could not bear it any longer; her grey eyes seemed

to scream at him with desire and passion.

“You cannot leave and throw me to the butcher, as if I am nothing. I have never felt my

heart leap into my throat, as if I am a hopeless romantic. You have seen into me, my lord. You

have seen my soul…” Perseus wasn’t fully aware of it. His eyes locked on hers and then her lips

brushed softly at his. Perseus grabbed her up into him, and pressed his lips fiercely against

Annabeth’s. She twined her hands through his long, sodden locks. Water streamed down both of

their faces, but they didn’t notice. Both were enveloped in a warm and deep feeling, Perseus felt

only her. Only knew she was there. There was not his kingship, Ly, his mother, Charles, or even

his realm in his mind. Just Annabeth rested in his mind, she was everything.

It was as if in those brief moments, he found himself. In those beautiful minutes of being

with her, he could feel himself inside of her. Then she desperately clung to him, wanting

desperately to be touched, to be kissed, and loved. She sobbed into his chest, “He’s marrying me

to a man, I hardly know…” She breathed into Perseus, he wrapped her around in his arms. He

only wanted to hold her so close. She looked up at him through the falling rain, “I feel like I am

not part of that world when I am with you. You take me away from it.” Perseus leaned down and

kissed her forehead.

“I have been nothing Annabeth…nothing for sixteen years. Now I have-ˮ in the darkness

he saw something move. He pushed Annabeth behind him; Tybil stepped out into the darkness.

His face sculpted into a perfect smirk,

“Well, well, I finally see my enemy in my home. I think the time has come for our final

fight, don’t you, sweet prince?” Tybil flicked his sword; it shined like silver steel in the dim light

of the moon. The rain had pounded against his thick blond hair, twisting it into a knot at the top

of his head. Perseus turned to Annabeth, her eyes locked with his. She looked at Tybil with so

much fear and vulnerability.

“Please cousin, let him go. He’s only a useless stable boy.” Tybil laughed and sliced a

long gash at Perseus’s unguarded arm. Perseus clutched it and looked at Tybil with vengeance.

“He’s a bloody-ˮ Perseus swung his sword to Tybil’s neck. His green eyes burned with

anger. Tybil’s smile turned to fear for a split second, and then became once more, a smug grin.

He pushed Perseus’s sword away, then they fought.

Perseus was skilled to almost the point of perfection, Tybil was fast and smart. The two

opponents were enemies but so close they could be brothers. Perseus spun his sword into Tybil’s

leg, cutting deeply into his calf. Tybil bit down on his lip, the water on the ground was thick with

the boys’ blood. Tybil leaped into the air, spinning his sword with expert moves sinking the

blade into the soft skin of Perseus’s neck. The prince let out a cry as the pain pierced through

him, like a knife. Tybil smiled and staggered to hold Perseus on his knees. “I’m about to kill you,

sweet prince, any last words.” Perseus looked up in Tybil’s face, and then spat. The other boy

smeared it away, growling at Perseus. He increased the pressure of the blade into Perseus’s neck,

the prince reached for his sword desperately.

The blade was nearly sunken into Perseus’s neck; he could feel black spots dancing over

his vision. This was the end, but not if he had a say in it. He leaped up with his legs, kicking his

feet into Tybil’s mouth the blade fell out of his hand. The sword fell to the ground drenched in

the prince’s blood. He looked at Annabeth who had a fearful look in her eyes; she had seen him

cut her family. How could she still look at him with innocence? With understanding?  He turned

back to the groaning Tybil, he felt anger course through his veins. With one swift movement, he

killed him.

The only sound after that was the sound of the rain, Perseus felt sick and dizzy, but he

had to leave. Annabeth cried out, he turned to her. Her eyes wide with anger, fear, sadness, and

most of all, confusion. “P-Princess what is it?” He croaked, she cried, tears streamed from her


“Y-You, y-you’re a-a… YOU’RE PRINCE PERSEUS OF ARGOS!” His eyes widened

and his hand flew to his face, the mask was gone.


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